Yes, I make
Mobile Apps

· & a few other things ·

About Me

Hello, I am the one who wrote the title above — my name is Stas Moor.
I am from Munich but currently working at an design studio in Saint Petersburg.
If you need my assistance with your project, I will be happy to chat about it.

My Day

  • Create beautiful backgrounds & find out a way
    to symbolise suggested activities.
  • April 2015


  • Pack a lot of functionality into the app,
    but keep it light & easy to use.
  • February 2015

Creation Process

Apart from all the sketching, wireframing and creating the final design — the most important thing is, to take every project with a personal approach, only then it will turn out to be special. We don't want to live in a world where everything is the same and your App should be looked at that way too.


  • Give the user easy & fast access to the content,
    but don't forget about the mini-player.
  • December 2014


  • Easy & fun to use timer, with beautiful graphics,
    but without any distractions.
  • June 2014

Key takeaway

There is always more to show or tell, but not always necessary.
And that's exactly what mobile design is about. An app isn't a swiss knife: it has to perform just one specific task, but do so perfectly.

Let's create that perfect app together!